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Physical Security Solutions


We want to support you to make your home the safest and most comfortable place for you and your loved ones, by offering you a wide range of multiple class-A brands security systems and home automation, no matter what the size of your place, the backyard, the scenario of installation, we will make it done as you are planning to.

Commercial & Industrial

Large commercial or industrial buildings need to study the design of the security system in a way that ensures the continuity of its work over a period of 24 hoursو seven days a week with high reliability and outstanding performance. No matter what is the type of this building we can meet all the customized requirements with a total turn-key solution that will endure over years and years. 

Retail Stores

We offer a total ready of the shelf retail store solution which will meet the majority of retailers, the system will include surveillance camera, access control, intrusion detection, EAS anti-theft & loss prevention, panic button 911 call, point of sales (POS) overlaid on cashier camera for paying operation and proof, loud speakers, paging, music, call on staff, video analytics, queuing management, and people counting.

logistics & transportation

A wide range of GPS tracking devices and mobile digital recording & live streaming of video and audio from any moving car or truck, the solution will guarantee a full time supervision over drivers behaviors and performance to protect the vehicle and transported assets, delivery, client's satisfaction, and the compliance with traffic laws.


Government and military grade security systems are available, including long range thermal & laser cameras, land radar, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), law enforcement speed lidar, and policeman's pocket camera system.

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