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Intrusion Alarm

ACT can design, install, service, and monitor effective security systems for commercial & residential utilizing the latest technology wired and wireless intrusion alarm system. the motion detectors, glass-break sensors, magnetic contacts or sensors, and other electronic security devices from leading manufacturers.

The Wireless Intrusion Alarm System will save you time and money, no need to run cables and make holes, extendability is possible at anytime with ease of installation and less cost.  It is a future-proof concept!

Our skilled technicians will install and implement an intrusion security system that can detect any unauthorized attempt to access your home, office, and facility, protecting your property, people, and assets.


To guarantee a faster response from the police, and to minimize false alarms, we offers and integrated alarm with live streaming of video & audio from your targeted site.





Once the alarm system is triggered, the dispatcher at the alarm monitoring center will quickly report the alarm by firstly communicating with you over your phone, so you can lively view the incident and verify if it's not a false alarm, in case of not responding then the information will be sent to law enforcement.

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