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Smart Home

At the tip of your finger, whether you are at home of outside, enjoy a full control of your smart home, turn on and off any light, any equipment, and any smart power socket, remotely re-configure your devices, activate recording, drop down your curtains or watch live video & audio of your loved ones at home, a baby with his baby-sitter or your pet left home alone!

When integrating Smart Home automation with our Wireless Intrusion Alarm System, you can have them both controlled on your smart-phone APP, arm & disarm the system, check the status of any sensor connected whether it is a defending sensor (door, window, or motion), a life saving sensor (CO, Gas, flood), or air quality sensor (humidity).


Door-Bell Video & Audio system is fully integrated with your Smart Home and Video Surveillance Recording System , when it's a visit of a family member, a closed friend, a parcel delivery when you are away home, with our system you can lively view who's at your home door's step, interact with, unlock the door or the parcel's box with one touch on your smart-phone.

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